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DevOps and Automation


DevOps emphasizes on bridging the gap between development, testing and operations teams by improving software development processes; and rapidly and quickly delivering applications. As DevOps consulting partner, NeuAlto ensures close collaboration between the teams and help enhance your Engineering processes.  The team at NeuAlto helps manage the infrastructure, procedures and tools, continuous integration and delivery and maintenance.

We can help enterprises achieve higher efficiency and faster time. DevOps develops and deploys software in a collaborative manner. We can facilitate setting up the complete DevOps framework and help organization align with the goals. required to develop, maintain and deploy large applications.

Automation and Testing

NeuAlto specialises in  GUI-Driven and Code Driven Automation using tools like Selenium, Cypress and QTP.

We can help organizations automate their existing manual tests or help develop automation scripts from scratch for GUI based and REST APIs validation.

Do you want to transform your development environment to adopt DevOps methodologies ? Contact us.​