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Cloud Engineering

NeuAlto offers the following cloud services for enterprises to leverage the power of Cloud. We can help enterprises build compelling and impactful products and solutions in the Cloud (private, public or hybrid); all the time emphasizing on building, developing and deploying securely.


  1. Cloud strategy in public, private or hybrid cloud
  2. End to End Cloud development and automation
  3. Build a secure cloud infrastructure
  4. Migrate existing custom built applications
  5. Seamless Continuous Integration and Deployment


Cloud Strategy

Understand business needs and goals.

Create Consulting plan.

Cloud Engineering

Application Design and Development.

Solution Architecture Implementation.

Develop, automate and seamless deployment of Applications.

Cloud Integrations

Integration between Cloud and on-premise platform.

Testing of Applications and Integrations.

Operational Support

Periodic update and effective patch management strategy

Continuous monitoring of system and applications

Issue resolution of critical issues.