Testing and Automation

Test automation is essential for digital transformation and helps reduce regression testing , expedite product launches and thereby significantly reducing the costs over time. It helps eliminate human errors in high risk engineering processes and helps identify errors in software releases immediately

In order to have a successful test automation strategy it's important to have a well defined strategy and roadmap. Due to organizations having complex diverse applications running on multiple environments and integration with third party systems, the key is to have standardized and consistent automation approach, so that it supports reusability.

Why test automation is crucial and how does it help your SDLC

  • Helps early detection of critical bugs
  • Can tap into agile practices
  • Provides continuous testing environment
  • Strengthens quality control

NeuAlto specializes in offering exceptional QA Automation Testing services, tailored to your business needs

Our team provides a well rounded approach which involves the following stages:

  • Evaluation
  • Review Existing Solution(if applicable)
  • Identify tools
  • Develop and Execute
  • Build Regression Test Suites